Government Contractors

Funding solutions are designed for small to mid-sized companies that are doing work for federal, state and local governments under prime and subcontracts.


We provide four unique products designed so you can focus exclusively on sales generation without concern or worry of cash flow funding.

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    Ledgered Accounts Receivable Line of Credit

  • government-icon-2

    Unbilled Revenue Line of Credit

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    Mobilization Advance Line of Credit

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    Contract Bid Support

Provident’s products are designed with our commitment to service in mind.

We set the highest standard in the industry with simple agreements so you, our clients only pay for funds utilized and bank transfer fees.


Our accounts receivable based lines are designed to support daily cash flow typically associated with new awards or fast growth. In conjunction with an AR line of credit we’ve designed the unbilled revenue and mobilization lines of credit to both bridge the client’s cash flow between monthly billing cycles and to help launch new projects.


Federal Contractors benefit from a dedicated advisory team experienced with the Assignment of Claims as defined in the F.A.R.


Our team is uniquely trained with the skills necessary to navigate the Federal Contracting process from solicitation to award and beyond.

These products and our consultative team provides you with the tools necessary to acquire new business with confidence.