How Provident Commercial Finance is Helping Derrick Increase His Load Capacity 8x

After finding a company he could trust, Derrick is on his way from just starting out with a 26-foot box truck to a semi-truck!

What would happen if you hadn't partnered with Provident?

"If I did not partner with Provident, I would have had to get a company for my factoring but I would not have been satisfied. The other companys’ rates were not as comparable, there were a lot of things in their contracts that I did not agree with…

Why did you choose Provident?

"I do not have to wonder if I am going to get my money from Provident Commercial Finance. I send the invoice, the next day I have the money"

"...Their rates are excellent!".

What's it like partnering with Provident?

Relating to his customer service experience - "[My dedicated client advisor] called me, that’s customer service right there. I’m on the road, I’m trying to drive, I’m trying to get my business done…I needed someone who understood that and didn’t care about calling because they like their job."

Has your company grown with Provident?

 "I started out with a 26-foot box truck and I’m getting ready to move to an 18 wheeler...with my box truck I can carry loads up to 10,000 pounds, with a semi I can carry loads up to 80,000. That’s a significant payload difference that will definitely help push me toward the goals that I have for myself!"

When they say no hidden fees, they mean it! The process is really simple.

Finally, get the support you need without any tricks.

We love our dispatching partners, here's a few of their experiences working with us:

Gina L.

Owner - GL Logistics Services, Inc.

"Provident delivers what they promise with no hidden fees. Their rates are actually super fair compared to other factoring companies! They pay on time. The clauses on the contracts are extremely friendly and everyone can understand them!”

Brad Edwards

Owner - Bradley Dispatching

“They seem to take an interest in you as a person, not you as a company”

“Everybody you talk to, from the salespeople to the owners, are very professional and very personable. They focus on, not just moving you down the line, it’s more of the relationship built with them as individuals and you as a person and helping you work through any struggles you might have…”

“The customer service is phenomenal, their rates are very reasonable...They know what they’re doing!”

Stay n'Loaded

Francisco Valesco Payan

Stay'n Loaded Hauling LLC

I was introduced to Provident by a broker. I was told that Provident provided great customer service, the best part was knowing that I was not going to be locked into a long-term contract. [My client advisor] explained everything about factoring to me and taught me how to use Provident's platform to submit our invoices. She reaches out to me right away if I make a mistake and makes sure we get paid! Thank you for helping us start our business!

TNJ Capital

Tammy Johnson

TNJ Capital LLC

Since I was referred to Provident, I have had the best experience in learning about factoring. The staff is very polite, knowledgeable, and willing to walk you through the process. Everybody at Provident that I have spoken to has given exceptional customer service...


Susan Bundy

Bundy Transport Service, LLC

My switch to PFC was the best choice I could have made for our company. I was able to keep more of my capital when I made the switch because of the lower fees they offered from my previous factoring company. The staff here is also amazing. Everyone I have had interaction with has been more than helpful to all my needs.

A&J Logistics

Ashley Halloran

A & J Logistics, LLC

When I started with Provident I had no idea how to do invoicing! Jason took time to walk me through the process numerous times...I have had many learning curves along the way and he has always been very helpful with everything.  I don't think I would be where I am today had it not been for Jason and the rest of the Provident team!

rolling hills logo

Brandon Bennett

Owner - Rolling Hills Express

We have enjoyed a valuable relationship with PCF since 2018. They have been a crucial ally in overcoming our previous funding limitations and helped us with our continued growth.


Elsie Ejisimekwu

Cole Train Express LLC

I am so glad that I was introduced to Provident. They have given me a sense of peace when it comes to the factoring side of my business. I love the guys that work with me. They have also helped me with savings on fuel by introducing me to a fuel discount program. I saved over nine thousand dollars in 2020!

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