Provident is a factoring company that provides factoring services for the trucking and transportation industry.

Our Exclusive Payments Partner:

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We partner with Tank Payments so you can get paid faster than ever before!


Tank Payments is the perfect solution for freight carriers who want to get paid quickly and easily.


Our partnership means that you can get funded the instant your invoices are purchased - faster than ACH and cheaper than wires.


With Tank Payments, you can operate your business on a no-fee VISA commercial card, or move the funds to where you need them.


You're in control of your income - so you can focus on what's important, running your business.

How can Invoice Factoring serve as commercial financing for the Transportation Industry?


The options for bank financing based on a small business or owner operated business may be extremely restrictive in the current economic climate. Working capital financing is notoriously difficult to attract within the transportation industry.


Added to the restrictions for financing is the fact that the Transportation Industry depends on a number of “get paid when paid” steps throughout the shipping process.


The chain of one person or company having to be paid before the next service provider or company can be paid can extend payment deadlines and negatively impact cash flow and working capital.


Factoring as commercial financing can be the difference between having liquid, available cash flow to sustain and grow business, or being restricted and choked by a slow return of profits.


It is difficult to pay for fuel at the pump while waiting for payment on a load hauled weeks ago.

Because unlocking your largest asset, your accounts receivable, is the key to unlocking the potential of your business...


We can even advance up to  40% of the invoice value of the load and you can get the rest paid out when you deliver!